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Home Theater installation & service

how to choose your home theater room?

Enjoying a cinema like experience at home is one of the most rewarding investments in your home. The thrilling rumbling sound of a great action movie scene and the larger than life image projected on the screen, are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. So, what makes an ordinary room an awesome home theater? There are a few considerations to take into account.

  • First, is the dedicated room's dimensions.
  • Second, the acoustics in the room
  • Third, the location in the house.
  • The room's dimensions determain the distance from the projector to the screen and the screen's size. The room's acoustics has a lot to do with the structural environment (wood vs bricks), the amount of openings (windows and doors) and its layout and size. The room's location in the house is important as well. Proximity to bedrooms or kitchen might inconveniently cause rattling noise, Therefor, the basement or an isolated room is a preferable choice. There are no identical spaces, Different rooms have each their own unique properties, A professional preliminary design will result in optimal audio visual quality and will maximize your home theater experience.

    what is a Surround Sound?

    At the heart of a home theater system, there's the A/V (Audio / Video) receiver. Besides amplifying the speakers, it's responsible for audio and video signals switching and for decoding digital formats like Dolby Atmos, THX or DTS, Whichever the movie director intended for the surround sound effect. A home theater's most common surround sound configurations are the 5.1 - totaling in 5 full range speakers and one subwoofer and the 7.2 - a total of 7 full range speakers and two subwoofers. They're both including 3 full range LCR (left, right & center) channels and another 2 - 4 surround rear left and right channels. Since the human hearing range is between 20Hz at the low end to 20kHz at the high end, 1 or 2 Sub woofer speakers are used solely to produce a clear, deep and rich bass sound to complete a surround sound listening zone.

    Home Theater System Installation & Calibration

    Sound treatment is necessary in order to isolate outside noise and prevent sound from leaking out. Determined by its shape and dimensions, bass traps and broadband absorption panels should be installed to achieve an acoustically well balanced room. The placement of the speakers is carefully measured to create the "sweet spot", where the viewer is immersed in sound and can hear the details and the full dynamic range in high fidelity. Another crucial components for a successful home theater system are the media projector and the accompanied screen. The maximum distance for a small to medium sized home, is typically between 6 - 10 feet. For larger homes, a standard throw projector projects to a 100-inch screen from a distance of roughly 8 - 15 feet. To gain the highest quality out of your system, A professional calibration of the sound system and the projector is necessary. The fine tuning of the gear will result in an astonishing performance. bitTon Integration is responsible for many successful home theater installations in LA's westside homes. Would you like to know more about home theater installation at your own home? give us a call, We'd happily like to chat and help you start enjoying movie screening or streaming, TV watching and console gaming in a dedicated home theater that will maximize your family and friends fun time.


    combined with home Automation system, when you'll press:

    • "Movie Time" - The shades go down and the lights dim.
    • "Pause" - Lights turn on, The pizza is here..
    • "Off" - System turns off and the lights are back on.

    Thinking to get a home theater system?

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    Media Rooms

    What's a media room?

    Before the age of Plasmas and LCD's, TV's screens were limited in their size due to the CRT technology used back then, The bigger the screen got, the bulkier the TV was. Nowadays, flat panel display screens reach 80 and up to 100 inches diagonally and can be easily compared with some true home theater sytems screens. To enjoy a cinematic quality from the comfort of your couch, a wide screen LED TV accompanied with a surround sound system is all you'll need to turn your living room into a fantastic media room. The A/V receiver, cables and electronics could all be hidden in a closet or cabinetry. Now, your family room is transformed into a concealed media room. With just a single button press, unveiling a hidden screen that's descending by a motorized lift from the ceiling and the crisp sounding invisible speakers, installed in walls or in the ceiling, are blended seamlessly without affecting the house decor. We install media - rooms in Hollywood Hills, Audio Video in Beverly Hills and Home Entertainment Systems in Brentwood, westside, Los Angeles, CA.

    outdoor media

    Outdoor living spaces have become much more habitable, especially in the warm summer days. Having friends over, hanging by the pool, enjoying a BBQ meal and many other fun outdoor activities, are not complete without an outdoor entertainment system. A wide array of products, like a designated outdoor speakers and the sun-bright TV's with their heavy duty construction for weather and temperature resistantans and anti-glare coated screen, that allows TV watching in daylight hours. As well as waterproof sturdy built remotes, all designed and manufactured to deliver a long lasting resilient outdoor media entertainment components tha'll lift the party to an exciting new level. Vimby, (video in my back yard) a screen, projector and speakers can make sports games viewing an exhilarating experience. Making your patio or backyard an extension of your home is a great way to entertain relatives, friends and neighbors, without worrying about the kids ruining the furnitures or spilling ice cream on the living room's new rugs. At biTon integration, we believe that home entertainment can make the difference between a house and a home. TV mounted in Brentwood and home entertainment systems installation in westwood, Los Angeles, are just some of our offered services.

    Climate Control System Installation
    • No need to tear walls open or rewire.
    • Quick installation.
    • You're home, wherever you go.
    • Integrates with home automation system.

    want to make your backyard or patio way more fun? Consult us today.

    You'll thank yourself later.


    Home Audio

    whole house audio

    Streaming your favorite playlist throughout the house has never been easier. Distributed audio or whole house music system allows you to instantly fill the room with the sounds you want. Playing baby mozart in the baby's room and listen to your own favorite playlist in the kitchen is just one of many scnerios such system can handle. While controling both rooms volume level, track being played and turn it on or off The massive amount of audio content available online from internet radio stations, Spotify, Pandora, Apple music and many, many more, together with your iPod, CD player or the vinyl record turntable, could all be played on que with a single button press.

    Multi room control

    You don't have to remodel or rewire the house in order to enjoy an whole house audio system. Wireless Audio systems are installed in a way fairly easily, using the existing wires in the wall. Allowing flexibility, the system can expand, so you can choose which room you would like to have the control and we will simply make it happen. Now you can control the room's mood from your favorite mobile device, adjust the lights and set pre-programmed "scenes" like a "party" button, when pressed this turns on the audio in the selected rooms, allowing loudness level adjusments indepandantly in different rooms bedroom and turns off the outdoor lights. Integrated with home automation system, many macro "scenes" can be programmed into the system by adding the security alarm, home theater and central lighting for the perfect mood. We service and install home Audio & automation in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, smart home in the pacific palisades and malibu and the greater los angeles area.

    Home Audio System Installation
    • No need to tear walls open and rewire.
    • The system is expendable. Start small and add more rooms later.
    • Control music with your Andriod or iOS device.
    • Play Spotify, Pandora simultaneously in separate rooms.
    • Integrates with home automation system.

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