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Although Wi-Fi allows a convenient way to connect the devices in your home and eliminates the need of unwanted wires, it's important to remember that a wireless connection compared with wired one is slow and unreliable. Sure, it's agreeable that Wi Fi mostly covers all your networking needs. However, when transferring a large file or streaming movie to your smart TV and suddenly the connection is dropped or speed slows down, such (not uncommon) instances may cause a great deal of frustration.

Why it is often better to go hard wired?

Here are a few instances where a wired connection undoubtedly outperforms WiFi connection:
Large File Downloads

Wirelessly transferring small files on local network has no significant difference than ethernet (wired connection), but file transfers of over 1GB in size on WiFi are undeniably much slower and may be an anguishing experience to have.

Streaming Media Content
With services like Netflix and Hulu Plus becoming our main media consumption sources of entertainment content, it's obvious that a solid network connection is a key measure for a fully enjoyable experience. High-resolution video buffer needs a decent bandwidth to allow continuous smooth streaming. Watching the spinning wheel on screen while the video is "buffering" right in the middle of the movie climax scene ruins the fun. Unwatchable, choppy or pixleated picture on your HD wide screen TV is also annoying. A reliable wired connection will prevent that from happening and will get you the crystal clear picture you want.
Video Game Console
The game console requires all the bandwidth it can get in order to support the high resolution graphics and gamer's button presses. Gamers are easily irritated with a bad internet connection, especially when playing multiplayer online, the console's now even more demanding as it has to respond in real time and every second counts. A lagging connection of one second is enough to spoil the entire game. Wired consoles make happy gamers.
WiFi is basically generated from your router antenna that broadcast radio waves. Unlike wires, radio waves are more often subject to interfere with many obstructions such as other WiFi networks, household appliances, metal furnitures and structural materials like metal beams or enforced concrete. In case of a new construction or a major remodel, we recommend running network cables to all rooms in the house will significantly reduce the chance of weak network connection.

    Home Network wiring benefits
  • Fast and secure connection.
  • Solid connectivity without drop outs.
  • Allows room for future network expansion and upgrades.

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Home WiFi Installation & setup.

How to improve the wifi signal throughout the house?

Our need for a good wifi reception and a constant connection is ever growing with more devices going online, slow or dropped connections occurrences are very common and we're here to help you overcome these issues.
Up to date hardware
The router is the backbone of your wifi system. Keeping your older router may be the cause of the connectivity problems you may encounter. The most recent router on the market is the 802.11ac compared with the older 802.11n or 802.11g routers the 802.11ac is capable of reaching twice the range and speed. In case you've Recently purchased a new smartphone, laptop or a tablet there's a good chance that it's a Wireless AC device and would perform much stronger when connected to the newer 802.11ac router. An older network switch could also get in your way to a maximal performance out of your gear. A 10/100 base network switch is 10 times slower than A Gigabit switch. bitTon Integration is a dealer with premium network gear manufacturers. We can help you achieve a steady home wireless network that will suit your specific home Needs.
The Router Location
As mentioned above, Many obstructions could interfere and weaken the wifi signal and should be avoided. May sound insignificant, but underestimating the importance of your router placement, Even if it's the latest technology, undermine its purpose. A central location is preferred for even signal coverage. Left in a closet or lying on the floor aren't good ideas either. Elevated and mounted With its antenna pointing up is far better. In case your ISP left the router at the corner of the house, We can help bring it over to a better spot by runing a network cable through your attic or crawl space.
Increase range with added access point
Adding an Access Point to your home network is pretty much a straight forward solution for wifi range and coverage issues. Unlike boosters, repeaters or power line adapters that hardly amplify the existing weak (to begin with) wireless signal and also does'nt increase the network bandwidth, An Access Point extends the home network as it's connected directly to the router with ethernet cable and increase the coverage and bandwidth.

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    Home network service & installation
  • Home network setup and troubleshooting
  • Access point and mesh WiFi system installation
  • Network printers and file sharing configuration
  • Smart home devices Integration.

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Home Phone System Installation & service

Home telephone system does not only allow you to make phone calls, but also holds many features like an intercom, allowing you to page directly to a particular room or to the entire house. You will be able to have convenient two-way communication with a visitor at your front door or gate and will be able to simply buzz them in from the phone keypad. A “Do Not Disturb” feature allows you to set times for certain incoming phone calls, such as a home office line or maid's room so the phone does not ring after hours audibly. (Except in certain locations if desired). You can limit your child's phone usage by turning off their phones at preset times. Roam around home and yard with confidence using new cordless phone technology that mimics the way cell phones operate. Integrated voicemail will allow each family member to have his or her own private voicemail box. Designed communications system is a sure way to make you and your family feel well connected.

    Home phone system Istallation & Service.
  • Does'nt require rewiring, We can use the existing wiring of your old system.
  • Video chat and buzz guests in from phone keypad.
  • Integrates with home automation system.
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