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Hi, My Name is Leo. Thanks for stopping by. With over 10 years of experience installing security camera systems in Los Angeles we understand your need for a security camera installation. Whether your system needs a fix or you'd like to have a new security cameras system installed, We can help achieve your goals. You can rest assure we'll exceed your expectations.

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Needless to say that security cameras system does'nt only help prevent crime, but add peace of mind at home and increase family's confidence. In the workplace, it's substantially improving productivity and help building trust among employees. The added value is that the security cameras video recorder is a sort of a time machine. Easily rewind back to crucial moments in time and view the footage in crystal clear quality right from your smart phone anytime, anywhere.

worried about your home or business security?

Not without a reason. Property crimes in Los Angeles have increased by 48% in the past year. Property crimes include burglary, theft and vehicle theft. The chances of becoming a victim of a property crime as reported by the local law enforcement agency are 1 in 20. Preventive measures are proven to significantly reduce the chances of becoming a part of the statistics. bitTon Integration has the experience and expertise to maximize your protection.

security cameras installation in los angeles

Entry Systems

Intercom System with a Built In HD Camera Allows More control over your Home Security.

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 home-network installation in beverly hills

Remote Viewing

View cameras instantly on your mobile device from virtually anywhere in the world

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Security cameras installation in los angeles

Video Surveillance

Add a peace of mind knowing you've taken all measurements to protect your loved ones. We professionaly install security cameras to meet your needs.

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what security cameras system is right for you?

Criminals try to avoid being captured on security cameras in any way they can. The proof of evidence that helps law enforcement agencies to identify similar behaviour patterns and tie them to other crimes they may have committed, keeps criminals away and make them leave your place and look for another easier target. At 4 - 8 megapixel and resolution of 1080p and 4K, IP cameras leave no room for guessing and the crisp clear HD video footage holds as a solid evidence in court. There are many differnt factors to creating a succesful video surveillance system the most critical is the cameras

Selecting the right cameras for your system

Your security system is mainly interesting when an event occurs, in case something happens, you wouldn't want to discover the video footage hasn't been captured properly. There are many different factors to creating a successful video surveillance system. The most critical one is the camera choice. The Camera's lens length will determain the field of view. A longer lens result in smaller field of view and a short lens result in a wider field of view. To get the most out of your security investment and protect your assets better, we recommend a site survey and a professional system design and installation.

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Do you have a large area to cover?

For larger areas, a camera with a 10mm - 12mm focal length of the lens will display a larger field of view.


Do you need a particular area covered?

A Camera with a 22mm - 30mm focal length of the lens will display a smaller field of view.


Do you need to see who's involved?

A 50mm focal length of the lens and up will display a zoomed in smaller field of view.

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As an authorized dealer with Hikvision we've got you covered

Hikvision is one of the leading brand names in the video surveillance industry with a wide array of products for any application. bitTon Integration is proud to partner with Hikvision and to keep deliver unmached customer service & support.

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Professional security cameras installation

Security cameras installed on the property aren't always necessarily function as a security guard. Sometimes, the footage captured is helpful with solving "mysteries" that otherwise would remain hard to explain. Like in this case where a client has been repeatedly noticing that the daily newspaper that they're subscribed to, isn't arriving regularly as it used to be. They informed the delivery company about the issue, but the company's delivery guy had confirmed the newspaper has been dropped in the mail box regularly on time, with no exceptionsPuzzled, they've decided to turn to us in order to finally find out what's going on. We've installed outdoor security cameras around the house perimeter and a bullet camera with a vari focal lens above the front gate aimed towards the mailbox. The next day they called and told us how their 7 year old daughter is to blame explaining her actions " because newspaper upset daddy".They were relieved to find out it wasn't another mail box phishing case and so did we.

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