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How can we help make your business shine better?

Running a successful business involves many different aspects harmoniously orchestrated, to reach the optimal client experience. Creating a welcoming work environment that both clients and employees are happy to come back to, is a complex task. Each business has its own unique needs and depends on a wide variety of factors in accordance with its industry. Guided by our senses, we're easily influenced by the environment we're in. Achieving the right balance between a productive and a stress free environment, comprises elements like the lighting brightness level, temprature level, the music playing and its loudness and even workspace scent. All are critically known contributors to the accomplishment of the desired inviting atmosphere for your business.

What's the right setting for your business?
Choosing the right setting for your business could make or break it and should be carefuly considered. The advantages of the right mood setting are going beyond words. At a Beverly Hills dental office or a medical clinic for example, a calming and relaxed environment will boost staff productivity and enhance the patients overall experience. On the other hand, at a fashionable West Hollywood clothing store for an instance, a more bubbly mood is required, to engage clients, increase sales and keep employees energized and vibrant. bitON Integration has the solution to fit the type of the business you run, whether it's a restaurant, a sports bar and yes, also a car dealership. We posses the knowledge and expertise to deliver a comprehensive solution for your business. We carry top notch products from premuim leading brands to provide high quality audio video gear, robust security systems and advanced integrated centralized control systems, for a complete a mixture of technologies to greatly improve your business operations.
harness technology to the benefit of your business
Owners and managers can save much of their precious time, by efficiently running everyday's tasks and pay attention to what really matters - their business. Rather than run around and manually lower shades, adjust thermostats temprature and turn music on or off throughout the facility, With an integrated centralized control system and a single-touch they'll easily control the A/C, music system, lights and motorized shades from impressive in wall thouch-screen. The receptionist at the lobby can set a welcoming lighting scene as they arrive in the morning and easily adjust it as the day goes on, from a keypad in an arm's reach or a mobile device on their desk with the control app installed on it. A plain waiting room can turn into an interacive media room where clients can play music from their own phones and be notified of their place in the line on the TV screen and listento PA announcements from the in ceiling speakers. The different business departments connected with the latest VOIP phone system, allowing a great flexibility and enssures everyone onboard are always on the same page. Grease the wheels and speed up your business connectivity by getting a commercial grade WiFi system and expedite processes online. Keeping an eye on things when you’re not at the office by receiving alerts or viewing the security cameras on your phone, whenever you’re at home or wherever you may be. And when it's time leave and go home, closing time is shorter just one button press to power off the A/C, music system and lights, Arm the security system and lock all doors. Whether it's a retail space, professional, medical office or hospitality / dining service, rest assure that bitON Integration have the perfect solutions to fit the specific needs of your business.

Commercial Spaces Technology Solutions

Retail spaces
  • Lighting Control
  • Audio / Video
  • Integrated Building Technology
  • Intercom / Access Control
  • Network & Communication
medical office
  • Intercom / Access Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Climate Control
  • Network & Communication
professional office
  • Board Rooms
  • Audio / Video
  • Intercom / Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Network & Communication
hospitality / dining
  • Audio / Video
  • Lighting Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Integrated Building Technology
  • Network & Communication

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Video Surveillance installation in los angeles

Commercial spaces are more vulnerable to burglary crimes than residential properties. Criminals are targeting them because they're usually not occupied after normal business hours and in many cases, located in a fairly remote industrial area, which makes it harder for response crews to get there fast enough and prevent the crime before it happens. Not to sound pessimistic, but as a veteran surveillance system installation professionals in Los Angeles, we know that unfortunately, Los Angeles's theft crime rate is constanty climbing . According to the FBI data base, Los Angeles is NOT one of the safest communities in America. With a staggering 1 in 39 property burglary cases in 2018 and 20% higher than the national average, the Los Angeles Police Department highly recommend Los Angeles's residents to take preventive measures to protect their home and business.

how to protect your business from crime?
being proactive
Our experience with those impacted by this type of crimes, taught us that in many cases, preventive actions were only taken after the fact. Angered, feared and devastated by their loss of confidence, Business and home owners affected by burglary will do all in their power to prevent that experience from reoccurring. How to don't become part of these statistics? Like the Los Angeles Police Department, We're convinced prevention is the answer. Security alarm and security cameras installation on the premises are the first steps in the right direction.
Risk management
Criminals are opportunistic. They'll exploit vulnerabilities, take advantage of open loopholes and are always in search of their next opportunity. Company vehicle keys that are lying about, Improperly secured gates, doors and windows , tools and portable equipment that's in plain sight, are all serious risk factors that are likely to attract thieves to your business. Educating employees about the possible threats and the company's security procedures is necessary to help protect your business. Identifying areas of criminal vulnerability and implementing appropriate security measures, will help make your business safe and secure.
When it comes to security, Keeping an intruder from targeting your business is your first goal. Most burglars will (obviously) prefer the night time for their operations. Under the cover of darkness the chances they'll get caught are slim. Illuminating your property entry and exterior perimeter using lighting fixtures with a photoelectric cell, can help deterring criminals away and make them leave your place and look for another easier target.
More light usually means less crime. However, persistent burglars can simply just cover the lighting fixtures with a piece of cloth and gain back the darkness they need to avoid being exposed. Security Alarm system tied to a motion detection sensors, is another layer of security that's quite efficient. The moment intruder gets too close to your business doors or windows, the siren goes off and hopefully scare the criminals away.
why have security cameras system installed at your business?
Proven to be the most efficient tool against burglaries, is the (CCTV) Closed Circuit Television system. Modern video surveillance systems combine detection and deterrence, but has an added value that criminals just hate and trying to avoid in any way they can - The proof of evidence that help law enforcement agencies toidentify similar behaviour patterns and tie them to other crimes they may have had committed. It almost goes without saying that security CCTV does'nt only help prevent crime, but substantially improves employees productivity, increase their confidence and building trust in the workplace.
IP security cameras vs analog security cameras
Outdoor and indoor IP security cameras have become very popular and we recommend our clients consider it over analog security cameras, for the simple reason that IP cameras deliver superior picture quality compared with an analog TVI security camera. At 2 - 5 megapixel and resolution of 1080p and more, IP cameras leave no room for guessing and the crisp clear HD video footage holds as a solid evidence in court.
watch after your business from anywhere
Nowdays, security CCTV camera technology allows day / night viewing with crystal clear image that can be viewed live, remotely from anywhere(with internet connection) on the globe. Days of activity captured on video, recorded and stored on the digital recorder's hard drive. The footage is easily pulled up for viewing on your iPad, tablet or smartphone screen. Keep an eye on your business employees, merchandise and other valuable asset when you're away. Adding peace of mind with a surveillance camera system. Video stream can be routed through your TV, or if using an automation system, video can automatically appear on touchscreens in response to an event such as someone approaching your business door or gate.
avoiding cybersecurity risks
Cybersecurity is a growing threat. At bitON Integration, we take our clients security and privacy very seriously, That's why we offer only trusted security camera brands, who's maintaining the maximum protection against cyber threats. Peace of mind and security are priceless in modern society, being proactive about your business and property security by adding preventive measurements to help protect yourself and your Assets is a one phone call away. We install and service security cameras systems in Beverly Hills, home security camera in brentwood, surveillance systems in pacific palisades and the greater los angeles area.

security_cameras_installation_beverly_hills security_cameras_installer_brentwood_beverly_hills security_cameras_installation_system_beverly_hills ip-security_cameras_installation_brentwood_beverly_hills commercial-security-cameras-installation
    Security cameras system installation
  • We'll pinpoint security weaknesses and design a CCTV system that meets your home security needs.
  • Professionally, we specify the appropriate type of security cameras for the job.
  • Fast and clean installation, we conceal cables in crawl space or attic.
  • Accurately point the camera's lens to your satisfaction.
  • Have your security cameras online in no time to be viewed remotely from your smartphone.

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Access Control & intercom installation in los angeles

features and functions
Most newer intercom units have a built in camera option, that way you're also able to see the person outside and allow entry confidently. Some systems combine a numeric keypad along side the intercom. By entering the code, the gate/door will open for a brief moment allowing your guest to enter safely. Various codes can be programmed into the system to allow multiple user access. By setting a code specifically for the office manager and/or for the cleaning and maintenance crews, at scheduled days/times to their arrival and stay time, you can grant access at those specific time frames, so you don't have to stay in office just to let them in.
Access control system installtion
Recently we've installed many new smart intercom systems in brentwood and a smart doorbel in the pacific palisades, which our client are very happy with. They don't have to program seperate codes for the staff and other srvice providres or to change around their schedules. Granting access with a smart intercom is done with ease, using your ipad, tablet or smartphone you can talk, see and let could be done from anywhere (with internet access) in the world. Avoid unwanted visitors at the door, add peace of mind and increase employee's confidence at your workspace. Access control system installation in los angeles businesses is one of bitON Integration's everyday tasks and it's our mission to deliver the level of detail and professionalism that you expect and deserve.

    With a smart intercom system, surprises are always pleasant.
  • Does'nt require rewiring, we use the existing wiring of your old system.
  • Use your iOS or Android device to video, chat and buzz guests in.
  • Integrates with smart automation system.

Need your intercom unit serviced?

We service and install Door King, Door Bird, Ring intercom systems & more.


Board Rooms installation & setup in los angeles

Boardroom / Conference Room Installation & Setup in L.A

Everyone is seated and ready to begin with the meeting and you're wasting time trying to get your conference room technology to launch a presentation, but connection is lost and the "no signal" meassage appears on screen, that's not only making your company look bad, but also puts in jeopardy the entire meeting. A boardroom or conference room stuck in the old century surely can't meet the efficiency, productivity, and elegance of a boardroom integrated with the most up-to-date systems modern technology has to offer. A boardroom installation with an integrated automation system makes it possible for virtually everything in your Beverly Hills or Santa Monica office or business to work together, from lights and thermostats, commercial audio video systems to conference call technology, and much more. Control can be done from a stylish hand held remote control, in wall touchscreen or a mobile device like a tablet or your smartphone. Your ideas are unique as your business, we can help make them happen. Let's gather around, and "Get It Done" in class with a single easy-to-use touch device that all participants feel comfortable with and have multi-media presentations, telepresence or video conferencing accomplished successfully each and every time.

the benefits of video conferencing
The benefits of video conferencing for businesses, include lower travel costs, moreover for employee training and temporary or short time projects and result in improved communications of the team members involved. The other benefits of video conferencing include more effective meetings with the exchange of non-verbal communications and gestures creating a stronger feeling of community among business contacts, both within and between companies, as well as with clients.
bringing people together
On a personal level, the face-to-face connection and body language communication adds to the exchange and allows participants to develop a stronger sense of familiarity with individuals they may never actually meet in person. The entire meeting could be recorded for training purposes and later analysis. Projected in natural size on a widescreen and the high quality audio that comes out from the speakers, it virtually feels like the meeting is taking place in the same shared room.

Board room installation in los angeles
  • Integrated Room Control
  • Audio / Video
  • Video Conferencing
  • Networking
  • Lighting Control

Need board room installed in los angeles? Consult us today.

Fast and professional installation


Audio / Video

Commercial Audio system installation in los angeles

Streaming your favorite playlist throughout your workspace has never been easier. Distributed audio or whole house music system allows you to instantly fill the room with the sounds you want. Playing baby mozart in the baby's room and listen to your own favorite playlist in the kitchen is just one of many scnerios such system can handle. While controling both rooms volume level, track being played and turn it on or off The massive amount of audio content available online from internet radio stations, Spotify, Pandora, Apple music and many, many more, together with your iPod, CD player or the vinyl record turntable, could all be played on que with a single button press.

Multi room control

You don't have to remodel or rewire in order to enjoy multi room audio system. Wireless Audio systems are installed in a way fairly easily, using the existing wires in the wall. Allowing flexibility, the system can expand, so you can choose which room you would like to have the control and we will simply make it happen. Now you can control the room's mood from your favorite mobile device, adjust the lights and set pre-programmed "scenes" like a "party" button, when pressed this turns on the audio in the selected rooms, allowing loudness level adjusments indepandantly in different rooms bedroom and turns off the outdoor lights. Integrated with an automation system, many macro "scenes" can be programmed into the system by adding the security alarm, and central lighting for the perfect mood. We service and install Audio & automation systems in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, in the pacific palisades and malibu and the greater los angeles area.

Los angeles best Audio System Installation
  • No need to tear walls open and rewire.
  • The system is expendable. Start small and add more rooms later.
  • Control music with your Andriod or iOS device.
  • Play Spotify, Pandora simultaneously in separate rooms.
  • Integrates with home automation system.

set the mood For any occasion

You're going to just love it, and your clients even more.


Automation system installation in los Angeles

With Total Control Automation system, and one single touch of the "Away" button on your remote, tablet or smart phone, you'll arm the security system, the lights will all turn off and the pathway lights to the exit go dim, the climate system will set to the desired temperature and yes, the system will alert you whether it's the garage door is open or the office that is left unclocked. The control system is able to "talk" to different subsystems through out your space boardroom, iPod, lighting, security system, climate control, motorized shades & drapery, surveillance cameras and more. “Smart Home” technology is also referred to as systems integration. It allows access and control of all your subsystem with simplicity, which can be compared to using your smart phone.Intuitive touchscreen icons allow total control of your business with no instruction manual needed! We carry the product line of three leading brands in the automation industry: Crestron, RTI, and URC's Total Control.

Enjoy modern life style

Clear your conference table from multiple remotes and enjoy the convenience of one universal remote with a charging station, you will never have a need to replace remote control batteries again. Our control system also contributes to the aesthetic aspect of your office. By eliminating wall clutter of multiple light switches, alarm keypads and climate control thermostats, we install a one touch screen that combines all of your systems onto one single device, which will enhance your family's lifestyle and safety with the added convenience that automation system delivers. The built-in coordination of the business subsystem will help you save energy automatically, by turning off lights and electronics that are not in use. Your daily electrical use can be simplified and can lead to a 'greener' lifestyle. An automation system can be thought of as your own personal brings to you a convenient and simplified way to send commands to other systems. We service and install automation systems in brentwood, pacific palisades, malibu and the graeter los angeles area.


automation system gets you

  • A complete control of the entire workspace, from anywhere.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Comfort & convenience.
  • work environment that looks at its best.

Considering getting an Automation system? You won't regret it.

Make your workspace safe and comfortable with an automation system. Give us a call and we'll gladly answer your questions.


Lighting Control system installation

Lighting control systems are not only convenient and making your place look at its best, but lighting control systems together with occupancy sensors, day lighting controls, dimmers and timers can also significantly reduce your energy bills and the overall business footprint. While installation is under construction we leave no visual impact on the final design. Instead of rows of switches that clutter the wall, we install a single multi button keypad in which interior designers love, as the switching modules are placed in the garage or electrical room and cannot be seen. We offer lighting control and design for every project. whether you build new construction or renovate your home, we have a solution that's fit your needs.

Wireless Lighting Control system

You don't have to remodel or rewire in order to enjoy lighting control. Wireless lighting control dimmers are installed the same way as standard light switches, using the existing wires in the wall. Allowing flexibility, the system can expand, so you can choose which room you would like to have the control and we will simply replace your old switch with a new wireless dimmer. Now you can control the work place ambiance from your favorite mobile device, adjust the lights and set pre-programmed "scenes" like a "Good Morning" button, when pressed this turns on the light in the lobby, dim to desired level lights in hallway or bathroom and turns off the outdoor lights. Integrated with home automation system, many "comfort scenes" can be programmed into the system by adding the security alarm, air conditioning and central lighting. We service and install automation in brentwood, beverly hills, smart home in the pacific palisades and malibu and the greater los angeles area.

Lighting Control System Installation
  • No need to tear walls open and rewire.
  • The system is expendable. Start small and add more rooms later.
  • Control the lights with your Andriod or iOS device.
  • Reduces energy costs.
  • Integrates with automation system.

Give your Employees & customers a smarter way of living, they understand.

You're going to just love it, and your family, even more.


Climate Control system installation

A smart climate control system, is more than just a thermostat, it's your own personal helper dedicated to keeping energy costs under control. In both winter and summer, we want to keep our home either cozy or cool. Turning the A/C unit on and off is quite daunting and will only increase energy consumption, as your heating system will work twice harder to reach the desired temperature level. Older generation of thermostats does keep a steady temperature, but that's what makes them the biggest contributors of higher winter bills.

Get even greener by saving energy

Recent reaserches show that households with a climate control system, save an average of about 10-12% on heating bills and about 15% on cooling bills. Keep energy bills under control with a system, that eventually pays for itself and is proven to extend your heating / cooling systems life span. As you get home from work, sat for dinner or getting ready to go to bed, the system register the different temperatures you set and learn your everyday activities. After your schedule is built, the system adjusts to your personal preferences, it knows you like to have dinner at 70º and go to bed at 65º, so it'll cool the house as you go to sleep. Around your schedule, the system keeps the house cozy or cool, so it's never too hot or cold and energy's used efficiently. Integrated with smart home automtion system, accupancy sensors and your phone's location, the system can check if you’ve left the house, then sets an Eco Temperature to save energy. As the kids leave school and on their way back home, you can start heating the house from your work desk, using your iOS or Android device, so they'll be warm and cozy as they get home. Managing your home A/C has never been easier. We service and install home automation in brentwood, smart home in the pacific palisades, malibu and los angeles county.

Climate Control System Installation
  • No need to tear walls open or rewire.
  • Quick installation.
  • Keeps energy bills under control.
  • You're in the office, wherever you go.
  • Integrates with home automation system.

Tired of high energy bills? Control your Business energy use with comfort.

Don't hesitate, the system pays for itself. Call today to start saving, now.


Motorized Shades & Drapes

Automated shades are no longer a luxury item. With a life long, silent roll up motor and a wide array of fabric designs to choose from, motorized shades for your California sun filled room, are a must. Controlled from your iPhone or iPad, managing the sunlight and privacy in every room of your home is a breez. Press the "Away" button as you leave the house and all the shades will lower down and protect your furniture, rugs, and artwork. Set the mood quickly and effortlessly at any time of the day and even when you're away, to allow needed sunlight in for plants at home while on vacation. We can help with odd shaped windows or layouts design and install custom motorized shades in malibu and motorized drapes system in the pacific palisades. Call today!

    Motorized shades installation
  • No need to tear walls open or rewire.
  • Various designs of fabric colors, textures and patterns to choose from.
  • Quick installation.
  • No outlet, No problem: lithium-ion battery wands, that'll do the trick.
  • Integrates with home automation system

Summer's around the corner, cool your office naturally with shades / drapes.

We quickly take windows measurments and come back to finish installation in only one day.


Network Wiring & Installation.

Although Wi-Fi allows a convenient way to connect the devices in your home and eliminates the need of unwanted wires, it's important to remember that a wireless connection compared with wired one is slow and unreliable. Sure, it's agreeable that Wi Fi mostly covers all your networking needs. However, when transferring a large file or streaming movie to your smart TV and suddenly the connection is dropped or speed slows down, such (not uncommon) instances may cause a great deal of frustration.

Why it is often better to go hard wired?

Here are a few instances where a wired connection undoubtedly outperforms WiFi connection:
Large File Downloads

Wirelessly transferring small files on local network has no significant difference than ethernet (wired connection), but file transfers of over 1GB in size on WiFi are undeniably much slower and may be an anguishing experience to have.

Streaming Media Content
With services like Netflix and Hulu Plus becoming our main media consumption sources of entertainment content, it's obvious that a solid network connection is a key measure for a fully enjoyable experience. High-resolution video buffer needs a decent bandwidth to allow continuous smooth streaming. Watching the spinning wheel on screen while the video is "buffering" right in the middle of the movie climax scene ruins the fun. Unwatchable, choppy or pixleated picture on your HD wide screen TV is also annoying. A reliable wired connection will prevent that from happening and will get you the crystal clear picture you want.
Video Game Console
The game console requires all the bandwidth it can get in order to support the high resolution graphics and gamer's button presses. Gamers are easily irritated with a bad internet connection, especially when playing multiplayer online, the console's now even more demanding as it has to respond in real time and every second counts. A lagging connection of one second is enough to spoil the entire game. Wired consoles make happy gamers.
WiFi is basically generated from your router antenna that broadcast radio waves. Unlike wires, radio waves are more often subject to interfere with many obstructions such as other WiFi networks, household appliances, metal furnitures and structural materials like metal beams or enforced concrete. In case of a new construction or a major remodel, we recommend running network cables to all rooms in the house will significantly reduce the chance of weak network connection.

    Business Network wiring benefits
  • Fast and secure connection.
  • Solid connectivity without drop outs.
  • Allows room for future network expansion and upgrades.

Need Business network wiring installation in Los Angeles?

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WiFi system Installation & setup.

How to improve the wifi signal throughout your work space?

Our need for a good wifi reception and a constant connection is ever growing with more devices going online, slow or dropped connections occurrences are very common and we're here to help you overcome these issues.
Up to date hardware
The router is the backbone of your wifi system. Keeping your older router may be the cause of the connectivity problems you may encounter. The most recent router on the market is the 802.11ac compared with the older 802.11n or 802.11g routers the 802.11ac is capable of reaching twice the range and speed. In case you've Recently purchased a new smartphone, laptop or a tablet there's a good chance that it's a Wireless AC device and would perform much stronger when connected to the newer 802.11ac router. An older network switch could also get in your way to a maximal performance out of your gear. A 10/100 base network switch is 10 times slower than A Gigabit switch. bitON Integration is a dealer with premium network gear manufacturers. We can help you achieve a steady home wireless network that will suit your specific home Needs.
The Router Location
As mentioned above, Many obstructions could interfere and weaken the wifi signal and should be avoided. May sound insignificant, but underestimating the importance of your router placement, Even if it's the latest technology, undermine its purpose. A central location is preferred for even signal coverage. Left in a closet or lying on the floor aren't good ideas either. Elevated and mounted With its antenna pointing up is far better. In case your ISP left the router at the corner of the house, We can help bring it over to a better spot by runing a network cable through your attic or crawl space.
Increase range with added access point
Adding an Access Point to your home network is pretty much a straight forward solution for wifi range and coverage issues. Unlike boosters, repeaters or power line adapters that hardly amplify the existing weak (to begin with) wireless signal and also does'nt increase the network bandwidth, An Access Point extends the home network as it's connected directly to the router with ethernet cable and increase the coverage and bandwidth.

home-network-installation-los-angeles home-netwok-installation-malibu
    Business network service & installation
  • Business network setup and troubleshooting
  • Access point and mesh WiFi system installation
  • Network printers and file sharing configuration
  • Smart devices Integration.

Want a better wifi coverage? Tired of connection hiccups and black spots?

Let us help with your business network challenges. That's what we do. Call Today!


business Phone System Installation & service

A business telephone system does not only allow you to make phone calls, but also holds many features like an intercom, allowing you to page directly to a particular room or to the entire house. You will be able to have convenient two-way communication with a visitor at your front door or gate and will be able to simply buzz them in from the phone keypad. A “Do Not Disturb” feature allows you to set times for certain incoming phone calls, such as a home office line or maid's room so the phone does not ring after hours audibly. (Except in certain locations if desired). You can limit your child's phone usage by turning off their phones at preset times. Roam around with confidence using new cordless phone technology that mimics the way cell phones operate. Integrated voicemail will allow each family member to have his or her own private voicemail box. Designed communications system is a sure way to make you feel your businessa is well connected.

    Home phone system Istallation & Service.
  • Does'nt require rewiring, We can use the existing wiring of your old system.
  • Video chat and buzz guests in from phone keypad.
  • Integrates with automation system.
Need a phone system service or upgrade?

We service and install Panasonic VOIP systems & more.


4 steps to turn your home into a smart home

First, we listen


How can we best assist you? Tell us about your business needs, Are you trying to reduce energy costs? Lighting and climate control systems can do just that. Want more peace of mind? We provide great video surveillance solutions. Maybe you'd like to stream audio / video throughout your space? We can make it happen. Today's technological advancements make almost everything possible, we'll consult you with the best options available to achieve your goals efficiently, and also cost effectively. Call today, Consultation is free!


System Design

Focused on you, we design a system that fits into your project's size, décor and budget. Always one step ahead, we're cherry picking the industry's latest, most innovative recommended Security, Automation, Surveillance and A/V systems available. We provide detailed project documentation and understandable drawings, to keep your contractor, interior designer and other trade persons, all on the same page. System design makes it easier to maintain, add future upgrades and overall, determines the performance of the system.

we do it


With extensive experience and expertise in both residential and commercial spaces, along with our passionate, friendly and highly skilled staff, your project success is guaranteed. From start to completion, we service and install Structured Cabling, Automation, Entertainment, Audio / Video, Surveillance Cameras, Intercom System, Phone System, IT & Communications and Board Rooms. We take pride in what we do. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail are our trademarks. Call us today and let us exceed your expectations.

the way you want it


The most exciting moment is the test drive. We download the control app to our client's phone and have them engaged with it. The joy and wonder expression on their faces, is priceless. We're here to make things easier. The equipment and its installation may be complex, but its purpose is to make it effortless for you to manage your business. Professional programming is the key to your project success. Our talented programming team delivers an intuitive and elegant end user interface that's sophisticated, but also very simple to use.

  • "I'm happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a professional, easy-to-work-with audio-visual company. Thanks bitOn!". Erin S. Agoura Hills, CA

  • "I am very pleased with the end result, so if you are in search of an Electronic Technician, then this company is the way to go". Raul C. W. Hollywood

  • "I'm glad we chose bitON Integration for the job, they're very professional and reliable. we're looking forward to work together on our next project". Michael A. Beverly Hills

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