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Home Automation system installation

With Total Control Home Automation system, and one single touch of the "Good Night" button on your remote, tablet or smart phone, you'll arm the security system, the house lights will all turn off and the pathway lights to the bathroom go dim, the climate system will set to the desired temperature and yes, the system will alert you whether it's the garage door that's open or the pool that is left uncovered. The control system is able to "talk" to different subsystems through out your home; home theater/media room, iPod, house lighting, security system, climate control, motorized shades & drapery, surveillance cameras and pool/spa. “Smart Home” technology is also referred to as systems integration. It allows access and control of all your home's subsystem with simplicity, which can be compared to using your smart phone.Intuitive touchscreen icons allow total control of your home with no instruction manual needed! We carry the product line of three leading brands in the home automation industry: Crestron, RTI, and URC's Total Control.

Enjoy modern life style

Clear your coffee table from multiple remotes and enjoy the convenience of one universal remote with a charging station, you will never have a need to replace remote control batteries again. Our control system also contributes to the aesthetic aspect of your home and or office. By eliminating wall clutter of multiple light switches, alarm keypads and climate control thermostats, we install a one touch screen that combines all of your systems onto one single device, which will enhance your family's lifestyle and safety with the added convenience that home automation system delivers. The built-in coordination of the home's subsystem will help you save energy automatically, by turning off lights and electronics that are not in use. Your home's daily electrical use can be simplified and can lead to a 'greener' lifestyle. A home automation system can be thought of as your own personal brings to you a convenient and simplified way to send commands to other home systems. We service and install home automation systems in brentwood, pacific palisades, malibu and the graeter los angeles area.


Home automation system gets you

  • A complete control of the entire home, from anywhere.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Comfort & convenience.
  • Home that looks at its best.

Considering getting a smart home system? You won't regret it.

Make your home safe and comfortable with a home automation system. Give us a call and we'll gladly answer your questions.


Lighting Control system installation

Lighting control systems are not only convenient and making your home look at its best, but home lighting control systems together with occupancy sensors, day lighting controls, dimmers and timers can also significantly reduce your energy bills and the overall household footprint. While installation is under construction we leave no visual impact on the final design. Instead of rows of switches that clutter the wall, we install a single multi button keypad in which interior designers love, as the switching modules are placed in the garage or electrical room and cannot be seen. We offer lighting control and design for every project. whether you build new construction or renovate your home, we have a solution that's fit your needs.

Wireless Lighting Control system

You don't have to remodel or rewire the house in order to enjoy lighting control. Wireless lighting control dimmers are installed the same way as standard light switches, using the existing wires in the wall. Allowing flexibility, the system can expand, so you can choose which room you would like to have the control and we will simply replace your old switch with a new wireless dimmer. Now you can control the room's ambiance from your favorite mobile device, adjust the lights and set pre-programmed "scenes" like a "Good Night" button, when pressed this turns off the light in the rooms, dim to desired level lights in hallway or bathroom and turns off the outdoor lights. Integrated with home automation system, many "comforts" can be programmed into the system by adding the security alarm, air conditioning and central lighting. We service and install home automation in brentwood, beverly hills, smart home in the pacific palisades and malibu and the greater los angeles area.

Lighting Control System Installation
  • No need to tear walls open and rewire.
  • The system is expendable. Start small and add more rooms later.
  • Control the lights with your Andriod or iOS device.
  • Reduces energy costs.
  • Integrates with home automation system.

Give your family a smarter way of living, they understand.

You're going to just love it, and your family, even more.


Climate Control system installation

A smart climate control system, is more than just a thermostat, it's your own personal helper dedicated to keeping energy costs under control. In both winter and summer, we want to keep our home either cozy or cool. Turning the A/C unit on and off is quite daunting and will only increase energy consumption, as your heating system will work twice harder to reach the desired temperature level. Older generation of thermostats does keep a steady temperature, but that's what makes them the biggest contributors of higher winter bills.

Get even greener by saving energy

Recent reaserches show that households with a climate control system, save an average of about 10-12% on heating bills and about 15% on cooling bills. Keep energy bills under control with a system, that eventually pays for itself and is proven to extend your heating / cooling systems life span. As you get home from work, sat for dinner or getting ready to go to bed, the system register the different temperatures you set and learn your everyday activities. After your schedule is built, the system adjusts to your personal preferences, it knows you like to have dinner at 70º and go to bed at 65º, so it'll cool the house as you go to sleep. Around your schedule, the system keeps the house cozy or cool, so it's never too hot or cold and energy's used efficiently. Integrated with smart home automtion system, accupancy sensors and your phone's location, the system can check if you’ve left the house, then sets an Eco Temperature to save energy. As the kids leave school and on their way back home, you can start heating the house from your work desk, using your iOS or Android device, so they'll be warm and cozy as they get home. Managing your home A/C has never been easier. We service and install home automation in brentwood, smart home in the pacific palisades, malibu and los angeles county.

Climate Control System Installation
  • No need to tear walls open or rewire.
  • Quick installation.
  • Keeps energy bills under control.
  • You're home, wherever you go.
  • Integrates with home automation system.

Tired of high energy bills? Control your household energy use with comfort.

Don't hesitate, the system pays for itself. Call today to start saving, now.


Motorized Shades & Drapes

Automated shades are no longer a luxury item. With a life long, silent roll up motor and a wide array of fabric designs to choose from, motorized shades for your California sun filled room, are a must. Controlled from your iPhone or iPad, managing the sunlight and privacy in every room of your home is a breez. Press the "Away" button as you leave the house and all the shades will lower down and protect your furniture, rugs, and artwork. Set the mood quickly and effortlessly at any time of the day and even when you're away, to allow needed sunlight in for plants at home while on vacation. We can help with odd shaped windows or layouts design and install custom motorized shades in malibu and motorized drapes system in the pacific palisades. Call today!

    Motorized shades installation
  • No need to tear walls open or rewire.
  • Various designs of fabric colors, textures and patterns to choose from.
  • Quick installation.
  • No outlet, No problem: lithium-ion battery wands, that'll do the trick.
  • Integrates with home automation system



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