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Comprehensive security services
Focused on our clients, we put emphasis on the personal aspect of our services. As your home techies, we believe, trust is not just a word, but the foundation for a long lasting relationship. Having a single low voltage contractor on site, who's specialized in security, automation and more, has a big advantage over working with different contractors who only specialize in one aspect of the job.
security systems integration
A professional low voltage contractor ensures that all ends meet and take responsibility for the project's success. When integrated with home automation system, the security of your home is at the palm of your hand. Simply launch the automation app on your phone and manage the security system from anywhere. Grant access to the maids, cleaners, or gardener, or let the nanny in without sharing your security code with no one. Installing home security systems in brentwood, surveillance systems in malibu and intercom system in the pacific palisades are some of our service areas. We set the bar higher and provide the best service our clients deserve and expect.
security services you can count on
Naturally, sometimes things fail to function, but unlike the big box store, at bitON Integration you won't have to spend hours on the phone just to get a technician over, or cancel all your plans for the day  waiting for the technician to show up. We're Licensed low voltage contractor and conveniently located in los angeles, just a phone call away. We'll show up as soon as possible and do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy. When it comes to home security systems, bitON Integration's got your back.

    Security system integration
  • Manage security from anywhere.
  • Closer monitoring with text or email notifications.
  • Integrates your with home automation system.

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Video Surveillance

Home security - the disturbing facts
Home, should be the safest place on earth. Not to sound skeptical, but from our point of view, as surveillance professionals, we know that unfortunately, it's not always the case. According to the Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, property crimes were up 12.7 percent for the first half of 2015 compared to the same time in 2014. In most cases, people only take action to protect themselves, after fact.
CCTV cameras Do prevent crime
Our experience with those impacted by this type of crimes, taught us, it's traumatic and leave emotional scars, anger, fear, loss of confidence and may be more devastating than material loss. How not to become part of these statistics? We're convinced prevention is the answer. Add peace of mind with a surveillance camera system, it's proven that security CCTV help prevent crime, improve employees' productivity and increase confidence. Nowdays, security CCTV camera technology allow day / night viewing with crystal clear image that can be viewed live, remotely. Days of activity captured on video, recorded and stored on the digital recorder's hard drive. The footage is easily pulled up for viewing on your iPad, tablet or smartphone screen. Keep an eye on house staff, the nanny or the kids playing in the backyard.
IP Based Security cameras
Outdoor and indoor IP security cameras have become very popular and we recommend our clients consider it over analog security cameras, for the simple reason that IP cameras deliver superior picture quality compared with an analog TVI security camera. At 2 - 5 megapixel and resolution of 1080p and more, IP cameras leave no room for guessing and the crisp clear HD video footage holds as a solid evidence in court.
security cameras integration with home automation
The video stream can be routed through your television, the Internet, or if using a home automation system, video can automatically appear on touchscreens in response to an event such as someone approaching your front door or gate.
Cybersecurity threats - what can you do about it
Cybersecurity is a growing threat. Hackers are getting smarter and more sophisticated every day, protecting your home network and connected devices is crucial for maintaining a secure and safe home network. With ever-growing reports of identity theft cases and online access to sensitive information such as bank or credit card accounts, everyone is now a target to cybersecurity crimes. At bitON Integration, we take our clients security and privacy very seriously, that's why we offer only trusted security camera brands, who's maintaining the maximum protection against cyber threats. By adding multiple layers of protection, like a VPN,(Virtual Private Network) and professionally setting your home gateway configuration, you'll drastically minimize the chances of being under a cyber attack. Peace of mind and security are priceless in modern society, being proactive about your family and property security by adding preventive measurements to help protect yourself, your family and possessions is a one phone call away. We install and service security cameras systems in Beverly Hills, home security camera in brentwood, surveillance systems in pacific palisades and the greater los angeles area.

security_cameras_installation_brentwood_surveillance_system_beverly_hills security_cameras_installation_brentwood_surveillance_system_beverly_hills
    Security cameras system installation
  • We'll pinpoint security weaknesses and design a CCTV system that meets your home security needs.
  • Professionally, we specify the appropriate type of security cameras for the job.
  • Fast and clean installation, we conceal cables in crawl space or attic.
  • Accurately point the camera's lens to your satisfaction.
  • Have your security cameras online in no time to be viewed remotely from your smartphone.

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Access Control

surprises are not all pleasant - See who's out there

Your home is your fortress! Increase your family's confidence and protect your assets with an access control system. When your guests arrive they will push the call button at the intercom unit outside, your home or cell phone will ring (usually with different tone than your regular call). By answering the call you'll be able to talk to your guest and open the gate/door just by pushing a button on your phone. Most intercom units have a built in camera option, that way you're also able to see the person outside and allow entry confidently. Some systems combine a numeric keypad along side the intercom. By entering the code, the gate/door will open for a brief moment allowing your guest or family to come inside safely.

easily manage your security
Various codes can be programmed into the system to allow multiple user access. By setting a code specifically for the gardener and/or for pool maintenance, at scheduled days/times to their arrival and stay time, you can grant access at those specific time frames, so you don't have to stay home just to let the gardener in.
with a smart intercom You're always home
Recently we're installing many new smart intercom systems in brentwood and a smart doorbell in the pacific palisades, which our client are very happy with. They don't have to program seperate codes for the pool guy and gardener or to stay home only for the handyman to do work at the house, granting access with a smart intercom is done with ease, using your ipad, tablet or smartphone you can talk, see and let visitors and family in, from anywhere. Avoid unwanted visitors at the door and add peace of mind. it's our mission to deliver the level of detail and professionalism that you expect and deserve.

    With a smart intercom system, you're always home.
  • Does'nt require rewiring, we use the existing wiring of your old system.
  • Use your iOS or Android device to video, chat and buzz guests in.
  • Integrates with home automation system.